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Overview of radiology for medical students including an introduction to modalities, anatomy quiz, case based quiz and education modules. A certificate is issued electronically upon completion.

This course is an in-depth overview of radiology for medical students. The aims of this course are to understand the different imaging modalities, develop a systematic approach to the interpretation of imaging including recognizing common and life-threatening pathology as well as apply anatomy knowledge to radiological images.


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Modules Included

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Module 1.1 - Introduction to X-Ray Modalities
Module 1.2 - Introduction to Ultrasound Modalities
Module 1.3 - Introduction to CT Modalities
Module 1.4 - Introduction to MRI Modalities
Module 2.1 - Skull and Spine Anatomy Quiz
Module 2.2 - Skull and Spine
Module 2.3 - Skull and Spine Quiz
Module 3.1 - Chest Anatomy Quiz
Module 3.2 - Chest
Module 3.3 - Chest Quiz
Module 4.1 - Abdomen Anatomy Quiz
Module 4.2 -Abdomen
Module 4.3 - Abdomen Quiz
Module 5.1 - Upper Limb Anatomy Quiz
Module 5.2 - Upper Limb
Module 5.3 - Upper Limb Quiz
Module 6.1 - Lower Limb Anatomy Quiz
Module 6.2 - Lower Limb
Module 6.3 - Lower Limb Quiz


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"Great overview to supplement my course work and really helped me for my exams!"
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